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The sincere story of the hero dad

February 23 – the day when it is customary to congratulate men, we decided to write about a man whose act we consider truly heroic. Sergey Nikolin-Danilchuk from the Altai Territory became a liver donor for his child.

Many fathers accomplish the feat for their children every day – provide and protect the family, make important decisions, serve as a support for mothers. But sometimes life puts them in such conditions when it is necessary to show special courage. Although the hero of our publication does not believe that he has done something special: If necessary, then it is necessary! – says Sergey. We decided to find out more about how to save the life of your child?

The sincere story of the hero dad

– When my daughter was one month old, she suddenly turned yellow. We immediately went to the doctor, and we were put in the hospital for examination. At first, the doctors thought that her daughter had jaundice and treated her for a whole month. In the end, it turned out that the disease is much more serious – atresia of the biliary tract. We were told that this is a congenital pathology of the liver, which is not treated in any way and was sent home to die. This moment was much more terrible for me than any operation.

“But you still saved your daughter …”

– Yes, fortunately in the same hospital, we absolutely accidentally met a woman who advised us to contact a wonderful doctor – Yulia Valentinovna Averyanova. She told us that with this disease, a child can save Kasai (the name that suggested her to a Japanese surgeon). Then we turned to the charity fund Life as a miracle, which helped pay transportation costs, accommodation in Moscow and medicines. At that time, Nastya was three months old.

The sincere story of the hero dad

– Yes, but we were told that we made it too late – they were slow. At the time of the operation, the daughter was 3 months old, and usually it is recommended to do it no later than 2 months, so the prognosis was poor. When Nastya was 8 months old, I went with her to Moscow again for an examination and it turned out that the operation did not help. Sergei Vladimirovich Got’e, chief transplantologist at the Russian Ministry of Health, said that only a liver transplant would save the daughter’s life and that she urgently needed a donor. Without any hesitation, I passed all the tests, and it turned out that I was coming up.

Was it scary to become a liver donor?

It is terrible, but not for himself, but for his daughter. During such operations, the survival rate of the donor is 100%, and the patient is only 50%. Thank God everything went well! January 31, her daughter had an operation, and on February 13 she was one year old. Then we went to the control every three months. True, our unrest did not end there – after 4 years, the transplanted liver rejected. We were again in the hospital – followed by a long treatment: again – feelings, fear for the life of the daughter, but, fortunately, everything turned out well. Now we have achieved a stable remission. We are still going to control, but Nastya is feeling well, the threat has passed.

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