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Interesting facts about the tree –

Nowadays, every family in which there are children from 2.5 to 13 years old, attend at least 3 Christmas tree shows during the Christmas holidays. The most popular days for visiting the Christmas trees are the last weekend of the expiring year and on January 3,4,5.

Interesting facts about the tree -

• The most popular time is evening, 18.00.

• The most desired Christmas tree – the Kremlin. Whatever they say about her lately, the excitement and title of the main Christmas tree of the country is unshakably holding on to the State Kremlin Palace.

• Mast have New Year’s repertoire of classical theaters The Nutcracker.

• The most expensive ticket for the New Year’s show – Well, wait! the cost of a sofa for 3 adults and 3 children is 19,000 rubles.

• Most of the organizers, if you for some reason did not attend the show at the time indicated on the tickets, will let you off on any other day and put you in empty seats in the hall

• It is better to come to Christmas tree shows in advance, as there are animation programs before the performance in the theater lobby.

• In Moscow, there are more than 80 venues with Christmas tree shows with at least 100 spectators.

• The most beloved story of 2012 is the fairy tale Morozko. Variations on the theme of the Russian fairy tale can be seen at 3 venues in Moscow (I.Averbukh Ice Show, Theater N. Babkina, Children’s Puppet Theater Surprise).

• The recent trend is the abundance of New Year ice shows: The Three Musketeers, Morozko, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio.

• The average cost of a New Year’s gift is 450 rubles.

• In 99% of cases, the gift is sweet. Simply put, this is a set of chocolates.

• Many organizers try to make Christmas tree shows interesting not only for children, but also for adults. These are European level show programs where the whole family can rest: from the older to the younger generation.

• Almost all the theaters before the repertoire (non-Christmas) performance during the Christmas holidays arrange animation programs in the lobby.

• Christmas tree shows, which are worth buying tickets in advance, in September – October (because there are no good places in December) – at Crocus City Hall. Well, wait! and circus shows of brothers Zapashny K.U.K.L.A. in Luzhniki.

• The textbook well-known fact: Peter I brought the tradition of putting up a spruce tree and dancing around it.

Interesting facts about the tree -

• In 1927, in the Soviet Union, the tree was banned as a bourgeois religious relic.

• In 1936, the New Year tree was returned to the Soviet people and children.

• In the old days, apples (the symbol of a paradise apple), a star on the top (not a symbol of the Kremlin, but a Bethlehem star), and candles served as the main Christmas tree decoration.

• In 1858 in France there was a bad harvest of apples. There was nothing to decorate the Christmas tree, and then the glass blowers of Lorraine created glass balls.

• Our kind Grandfather Frost was initially not so good. He was called the Great Old Man of the North and was a cruel pagan deity. In his bag, he collected the sacrifices, often preferring small children (yes, no gifts even then were out of the question). In the forest, this lord of cold and blizzard used to freeze people (this image was preserved, for example, in the poem Nekrasov Frost – Red Nose). In general, if he appeared in your house, you should not climb on the stool to tell a rhyme, but get the hell away.

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