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Ingalipt for children

With a sore throat, the doctor prescribed Ingalipt spray to my daughter, and he helped a lot. Now she has caught a cold again, and her throat is very strong. I asked the doctor if the drug could be used again, but he replied that this time there was no point in applying it. How to understand this, why the medicine does not work?

Ingalipt for children

When is Ingalipt used for children?

Inhalipt is a drug intended for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, which are caused by bacteria. It is used for acute and chronic tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils), follicular and lacunar tonsillitis (streptococcal tonsillitis), pharyngitis (pharyngeal inflammation), laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx) and stomatitis (inflammation of the oral mucosa).

Inhalipt does not act on viruses, and therefore it is not used in the treatment of influenza and ARVI.

What substance is part of the drug and how does it work?

Ingalipt, which is a combined agent, contains active medicinal substances and herbal supplements. The main of them is sulfanilamide (streptotsid). It has a pronounced antibacterial effect, disrupting biochemical processes in the cells of microbes.

Thymol – a component of the essential oil from the leaves of thyme (it is also common thyme) has an antiseptic effect. Peppermint oil has analgesic and antitussive action, relieves spasms of smooth muscles. These effects are achieved due to menthol, carotene, ascorbic acid, tannins and resinous substances contained in the oil.

Glycerol is a synthetic substance with an antimicrobial effect. It draws excess fluid from the tissues of the throat and nasopharynx, relieves purulent deposits on the tonsils and in the mouth.

Eucalyptus oil, has analgesic and antiseptic effect. It accelerates the healing of mucosal damage, prevents stagnation in the area of ​​inflammation.

How to take Ingalipt children?

If you have a sore throat in a child, you must consult with your doctor, because many, including dangerous infectious diseases, manifest as inflammation of the tonsils, larynx or pharynx. It is important to establish the diagnosis correctly, because in some cases it is impossible to do without the help of antibiotics.

Ingalipt produced in two forms – spray and aerosol. They differ in that there is a dispenser on the spray bottle, and the aerosol will be fed continuously while you press the spray head.

Before treating the child’s throat with Ingalipt, the mucous membranes need to be cleaned. The easiest way to rinse the throat with boiled water. If possible, purulent deposits should be removed with a sterile cotton swab.

After that, the drug is sprayed into the oral cavity for 1-2 seconds. This procedure should be repeated 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment with Ingalipt takes 5-7 days. After use, the nozzle should be removed from the bottle, rinsed with warm water, blown and dried thoroughly.

Side effects and contraindications

Inhalipt is a local drug, so its side effects are limited to a slight burning sensation in the esophagus. Very rarely there is a feeling of nausea. These effects are not a reason to stop treatment.

Contraindications to the use of Ingalipt – intolerance to the components of the drug and the age of 3 years. In the latter case, the reason for the ban is a high risk of spasm of the larynx (laryngospasm), in which the child may suffocate.

Pediatrician of the highest category, employee of the Perinatal Medical Center (Moscow). She graduated from the Second Moscow State Medical Institute. N. I. Pirogov (2nd MOLGMI, now – Russian National Research Medical University named after N. I. Pirogov). The total work experience in the specialty is 36 years.

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