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Tina Karol named three important parenting secrets

For the famous Ukrainian actress Tina Karol, children are special creatures who, of course, require special treatment. In addition to an inspiring career, Tina can also serve as an example of an excellent mother – now the star herself is raising 7-year-old son Benjamin.

In her last interview, Tina Karol told me that she helps her find a common language with her child. These are some universal life hacking for parents: how to interact with the child in the modern world?

There are only three main “whales” on which her educational method is based.

According to Tina Karol, she has the following educational facilities:

  • The trust. I trust him.
  • I do not beat. Never, even by the pope, never once slapped – I gain patience and we speak. He will tell me, I will tell him, and we will choose where the truth is.
  • It is important to allow him to prove himself. Even if something fell and broke – it is still a child, it is its manifestation. I never give him a framework. I allow everything – I treat him like a king.

The last point may cause condemnation in many strict parents: permissiveness, they say, will badly affect the character of the child, make him uncontrollable. However, here psychologists agree with Tina: research shows that such an approach makes babies more responsible and open than being educated in excessive severity.

I was raised more strictly, and my parents do not understand this method. But they have already seen the results of my upbringing and recognize that my son is listening to me, ”the artist said.

Tina’s fans also wonder who her son Venia wants to be in the future. But a celebrity says that 7 years is not the same age when plans for life have already been made. Nevertheless, the most important Veniamin, it seems, has already learned.

What does he want to be? First of all, a real man, a gentleman – he knows what etiquette is and always gives me a hand, – the famous mother boasted.

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