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The best exercises for the joints from Anita Lutsenko

Fitness trainer and young mom Anita Luceko showed the necessary warm-up for the joints that everyone needs to do.

Source: instagram @anitasporty

Anita not only described in detail the exercises for warming up the joints – how to do and what not to do, how many times to repeat, but also demonstrated everything visually, taking video of how she does it herself. Anita recommends doing such a warm-up before the morning set of exercises from yoga “Suriya Namaskar” – a special sequence of movements and breathing that help “start” the body and tones all the major muscles of the body.

anitasporty 100 years already I want to share articular gymnastics, which is to be done in front of Suria or if there is no possibility to do morning Suria, then this is at least mandatory for everyone, so as not to become rough)
1. We pass each finger with the other hand.
2. Rotate one and the other foot in one and the other side. 4-10 times. Depending on the amount of time and mood.
Then we go from top to bottom:
3. Rotate the head (do not tilt back)
4. Rotate shoulders
5. Brushes
6. “Razdetayka” thoracic (pelvis in place)
7. Rotate the pelvis (without erotica)
8. Lay the abdomen on his knees, heels pressed-rotate his knees.
9. “Snake” favorite exercise))

In addition, Anita Lutsenko recalled that she created a completely free application for women, which, she assures, is necessary for all ladies over 18 years old. With the help of the Vingo! Application, which is available for both iOS and Android, it is possible and necessary to train our internal intimate muscles.

Source: instagram @anitasporty

anitasporty If suddenly someone does not know, then I created a FREE super important and necessary application for women (from 18 years). What for?! We all train the external muscles, but we have more important – intimate, internal and imperceptible, but they are more important)
During childbirth, the fetus presses down and everything weakens, someone even before incontinence, a transition to menopause, muscle strengthening, or just for those who do not have an orgasm 2 times a week # 129335; 127 # 129335; # 127996; ♀️ (this is the coolest simulator and then the program is not needed). If not, then you need it 100%)) I pass it first) this is my # 6 wish2017
Kayfu from exercises and of course even more from the psychological tasks for the day # 128524; # 128517; # 128513; The application is available for iOS and android – Vingo!

Anita recently completed a regular # 14-day flashmob sweet, which she has been conducting on Instagram for the second time. For two weeks every day she published a post with useful information about sugar, its replacement, the need for restrictions. A lot about proper nutrition and lifestyle, as well as exercises that are recommended to perform on this day.

anitasporty Uraaaa # 128513; # 128513; # 128513; ☝ # 127995; Day 14 # 128517; # 128540; # 14 days without a sweet2017
Well, finally …. fly for sweets # 128514; # 128514;
Congratulations to all and immediately want to say! If you have already felt differently, you already notice tastes, notice when you want to eat something, and when this desire has been imposed and the “repetition” after your friend, advertising, etc., turns on! Then you can allow yourself a sweet ☝ # 127995; but! Best of all in the morning! Or after lunch, as lunch is the most satisfying and dense meal)) I wish that the sweet becomes a pleasant part of your life! Well, this is really delicious, but only when it is very dosed! This is even tastier)
If you decide to eat dessert – let it be really worth something, but not cloying synthetic # 128536;
I adore chocolate fondant (I take it in half with my beloved) or sorbet (after the first 14 days I became more loved with you than usual ice cream). Milk chocolate cannot be forced to eat me with torture because it is simply made of sugar, and 7 years ago I went perfectly, but I did not understand black! And of course – I’m a fan of jelly (I eat it once a month, but I really love it)
Eat delicious, with delight and savor every bite! Connect your fingers like this: # 128076; # 127995 ;! This circle is the permitted dose of sweets without problems for the body. # 128540; at least every day! Well, if you want # 129318; # 127996; ♀️ # 128540; I hope not) can be a day later)
Put the leg between the hands and tear off the hands) 10 repetitions … 1 leg is 1 time. 3 approaches.

Recall, Anita Lutsenko is a popular fitness trainer, TV host, businesswoman and mother of a one-year-old girl Mia. She leads a very active life, including in social networks, generously shares with the subscribers her knowledge and experience in terms of healthy lifestyles and keeping her body in shape.

From time to time, Anita tells how she feeds and raises her daughter, and even more rarely, shows baby Mia. In Instagram, Anita Lutsenko has never posted a photo of her daughter, where her face would be visible.

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