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Secrets of education from Vera Brezhnev

Today Vera Brezhnev celebrates her birthday – she is 34 years old. A singer and a sex symbol of Ukraine, she nevertheless sees herself primarily as a woman who is interested in self-development, and as a loving mother.

Vera has two daughters – Sonya (14 years old) and Sarah (6 years old). We decided to share the secrets of education from the birthday girl. Below – excerpts from an interview with Brezhnev.

The British say: “Do not try to raise children, they will still look like you.” So first of all I educate myself, I work on myself, and for my daughters I try to be not only a caring mother, but also an example.

Teaching my homework: “Do not pay attention to what they say about me. If in doubt, ask me personally.

If the children are guilty, the only way out is punishment. In our family – this is the deprivation of certain benefits. In particular, we can temporarily deny access to the telephone, computer. I will tell you honestly: I am a very strict mother. If something is not allowed, it is useless to appeal to others.

We chat with Sonia, discuss the news of her school life, watch TV, read. With Syrochkom (as we call Sarah) we play, draw, watch cartoons. She really likes it when I get ready for a concert. He walks around, measures my shoes, considers cosmetics.

Indeed, I, like many modern women, work a lot, but I don’t fall out of the children’s lives, I even try to go to parents ’meetings myself. On the other hand, you know, I don’t see anything good in my mother, my mother. Due to the fact that I give children autonomy, the eldest can easily organize herself; she does not need to be looked after.

Children grow up very quickly, so an abundance of expensive things is a waste of money. My daughter asks: “When I grow up, will you give me your outfits?” I say: “Of course, but if you want more, you will earn and buy.” I bring it up in such a way that a woman should stand firmly on her feet and have her own means at her whims. Even with a successful marriage, men appreciate it very much.

It is not necessary to be the second Kovalevskaya, but to write correctly, speak in several languages, have an idea about the history of the country and geography, any girl is obliged. With all this, I would not want Sonya to grow as a botan, sitting for days on textbooks – too much.

I really grew terribly notorious. This is not surprising, parents did not have the opportunity to dress all four daughters beautifully. They tried, of course, but their modest earnings were completely lacking. And when a child is poorly dressed, and even considers himself ugly, he suffers, shy, complex.

My children have the concept of homework. Sonya’s responsibility is to keep her room in perfect order. If necessary, she washes the dishes herself. By my arrival from the tour, I can easily bake a pie or chop a salad. With Sarochka can sit, I calmly leave them alone.

They grow good, empathetic. Over time, I had to learn to control many of my emotions. My children should not suffer due to the fact that someone outsider spoiled my mood.

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