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Pugacheva and Galkina twins celebrate their first anniversary!

Today, Harry and Lisa are one month old! Moirebenok.ua Hurry up to congratulate the star kids on their first anniversary!

Recall that on September 18, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin were born twins from a surrogate mother. Spouses and their inner circle hid this news from the media in order to allow newborn babies to get stronger and gain strength.

But when the public learned about this sensational event, the celestial couple gladly shared their joy. The prima donna and the Russian humorist have already given several interviews, having told about their unspeakable happiness of being parents. According to the happy father, Alla Borisovna even quit smoking for the sake of her children.

It also became known that Alla Borisovna patted about her future inheritance 11 years ago, having frozen her eggs. Doctors comment differently on the biological motherhood of a pop diva, given her age. But none of the doctors excludes that even at the age of 53 female eggs can be suitable for fertilization.

However, the most important thing in this whole story is the health of little Liza and Harry. It remains to wish the kids great happiness and good health, and their famous parents will be able to take care of the rest of the things!

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