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Milla Jovovich showed photos of daughters on vacation in Italy

Actress Milla Jovovich shared in her microblogging photos of the rest with the girls in Tuscany.

Milla Jovovich loves this country very much and has visited it herself and with her family more than once. The one-year-old Deshiel saw Tuscany first, and 8-year-old Ewe was already here with her parents, but she hardly remembers this – then the girl was only a few months old.

In the photo, Milla Jovovich poses with her eldest daughter on the background of beautiful and ancient Tuscan walls. The girl grimaces and makes faces, which is quite normal for an 8-year-old mistress. But despite all the grimaces, it is perfectly clear how beautiful Ewe becomes and how she looks like her mother.

Instagram followers Milla Jovovich amicably responded to beautiful photos with likes and comments: “Mila you are with the daughter of a beauty”, “Well, both of you are amazingly beautiful in this picture”.

The second photo shows mother and daughter to their full height – Eve stands quietly on it, apparently the photographer asked about it, although the fun sprinkles from the girl’s light eyes. “How does the daughter look like mom !!”, the subscribers noted. “Beautiful and mom and daughter! “,” Ever Gabo looks soo pretty … so lovely “

Milla showed her youngest daughter, Deshiel Eden, who has already grown noticeably – the little one in April was one year old and the expression on her face is already quite meaningful. Mom wore a motley red sarafan and flirty black polka-dot shoes on a little fashionista. Clever Milla doesn’t spoil the children’s legs with flip-flops with other slippers – the shoes are held tight thanks to the strap with a buckle. On Milla’s hand, you can see a sunbeam in the shape of a heart.

Just a week ago, Milla Jovovich faked followers photos from filming for Vs. Magazine. A bright make-up, a strict image of brutal beauty – this is how Mill was seen by the editor and photographer. But on Instagram, she posted a funny and not very pretentious photo with her eldest daughter. By the way, it is in this photo that the striking similarity of Ewe with her mother is visible, the eyes are especially similar in girls, and no makeup could not hide this.

“Millajovovich Aaaahhhh !! It is so great to work with my little munchkin today. ”

Recall the Hollywood superstar 40-year-old actress Milla Jovovich was born in Kiev and left Ukraine place with her parents, mother, actress Galina Loginova and dad, Serbian doctor Bogdan Jovovich when she was only 5 years old. Nevertheless, Milla considers Ukraine his historical homeland, speaks a little Russian and Ukrainian, albeit with a noticeable accent.

With her husband, director and producer Paul Anderson, she met on the set of the film “Resident Evil” and as a result of a tender relationship in November 2007, a daughter was born, who was named Ewe Gabo. Two years after its appearance and after 7 years of living together, Jovovich and Anderson legalized their relationship, and on April 1, 2015, their second daughter, Deshiel Eden, was born.

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