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Methods of education of Tom Cruise: permissiveness or independence?

51-year-old Tom Cruise and 34-year-old Katie Holmes do not raise a daughter in severity.

“She basically does everything she wants and when she wants,” says Tom. “She chooses her own clothes, at the age of three she had high heel shoes.” In her 7 years, Suri is the owner of an impressive collection of designer dresses, jewelry and shoes from Christian Louboutin.

The famous dad, when asked about the attitude to the daughter’s popularity, said carelessly: “It’s very flattering that the style of Suri is being copied. At first it was strange, but then I got used to it. ”

Recall that Tom Cruise profess Scientology – the teachings of science fiction writer Ron Hubbard. And his former wife, actress Katie Holmes, divorced him a year and a half ago, tired of Tom’s Scientology views, and his daughter remained to live with her. The actress does little in the movies, mainly devoting herself to raising a child. Tom paid Katie about $ 15 million, and also paid $ 33,000 in alimony monthly. However, this amount is enough to provide the most influential child of the planet.

The girl is used to walking with security, flying on private jets and knowing that every whim of hers will become a reality. Studying at a prestigious private Manhattan school in New York costs her famous parents $ 40,000 a year. For this money, Suri, for example, is learning Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Tom also insisted that his daughter attend classes in Scientology school. If the baby wants to ride the rides, Dad rents the entire Disney World for her to make her feel comfortable.

Last Christmas, the girl received a real wooden garden house for 24 thousand dollars as a gift!

And recently, the daughter of Tom Krug and Katie Holmes decided to become a fashion designer. Baby signed a contract to launch its own fashion line called Suri. The amount of the contract is impressive. Star dad pleased, star mom, too, everyone has their own reasons for this. Tom is happy that her daughter has learned how to make money herself, and Katie that Suri will ensure her comfortable future.

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