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Gwyneth Paltrow: Do you want the same slim body?

Neither cellulite nor wrinkles in Gwyneth Paltrow is found. Her slender body is not a gift of nature, but the result of a lot of work. Secrets of the star’s slimness include

one. strict fitness regime from Monday to Friday at 10:00 to increase metabolism (Gwyneth Paltrow works with famous trainer Tracy Anderson, who also trains Shakira and Madonna; together with Tracy Gwyneth Paltrow released 4 exercise DVDs) – as coach Gwyneth said Paltrow: “Exercise is the same mandatory routine as brushing your teeth”;

2 constant balanced macrobiotic diet (refusal from alcohol, coffee, sugar, eggs, meat, wheat, processed foods is required; healthy snacks should always be on hand; healthy salads should be used for salads – natural (goat) yogurt, coriander, honey, jalapeno );

3 annual detoxification of the body (Gwyneth Paltrow warns against detoxification with juice – this can bring down your metabolism, lead to a subsequent weight gain, and the star after 10 days of such detoxification even had hallucinations in his youth);

four. refusal to weigh in favor of measuring the volume with a measuring tape; (Gwyneth Paltrow is convinced that the scales cause feelings of guilt and shame);

five. programmed pleasure (in the evening Gwyneth Paltrow allows himself a glass of red wine, and smokes a cigarette on Saturday).

These are the secrets of harmony with celebrities, who became the most beautiful woman of the year, according to People magazine. But Gwyneth Paltrow stressed that no matter how much we want a slim body, we must live our life and be bright in it.

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