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Catherine Buzhinsky gave birth to twins

Ukrainian singer charming Catherine Buzhinsky became a mother of twins on December 27, 2016.

A happy event happened this morning, Katya gave birth in one of Kiev maternity hospitals, the kids and the happy mother feel good.

Children, of course, were born small, but not critical. According to TSN, and judging by the photo of the ticketing from the maternity hospital, the boy was born 51 cm tall and weighs 2 kilograms 550 grams, his sister is slightly smaller, the girl is 51 cm tall, and the weight is 2 kilograms 300 grams. The names of the children are not yet named by the happy parents, but Katya has already given the first interview, saying:

We have royal twins: a boy and a girl. We finally waited for the appearance of our kids. All the while, she dreamed of seeing them as quickly as possible and pressing them to her. I am incredibly happy!

Katya has already posted the first photos of the newborn babies on Instagram, and the details are likely to come later, when the tired and happy mother has a little rest.

buzhynska Hooray! Shinochka and Donechka;))

buzhynska Schaslivy tato.

Recall the people’s artist of Ukraine, the 37-year-old singer Yekaterina Buzhinsky, has been married to Bulgarian businessman Dimitar Stoychev since April 2014. For some time the family lived in Bulgaria, but now, on the eve of the birth of twins, Katya Buzhinsky returned to Kiev. Catherine Buzhinsky was already married – in the first marriage with the producer Yury Kvelenkov she gave birth to a daughter, Lenochka, who is already 9 years old.

About the second pregnancy of charming blonde Kati Buzhinsky became known in April, although she did not admit to being in an excellent position right then, but only hinted about him, saying that she would very soon delight her fans with great news answering journalists’ direct question.

At the beginning of December, Katya Buzhinsky gave a great frank interview to a glossy publication, telling for the first time what she expected twins. Buzhinsky took part in a very beautiful photo shoot, and her photo, with her husband, and future kids, appeared on the cover of the December issue of the magazine “Relax”.

We sincerely congratulate Katya and Dmitry on the birth of babies and wish the children health, and parents patience and endurance. Be happy!

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